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Kevin Marois


Kevin offers a wide range of skills to businesses seeking application development and IT consulting, including web, tablet, and Windows development.

Kevin holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science.
Ryan Flohr


Ryan brings 14 years of experience to Marois Consulting. His expertise in C#, VB6, .NET, WPF/XAML, SQL-Server make him a valuable asset.

Ryan’s experience crosses many industries such as property management, transportation and logistics, financial services, pay media to public safety and more.

Vincent Cepeda


With 13 years experience, Vincent leads the way in Mobile Development. His experience in iOS, Android, OSX, Objective-C, Swift, Java, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Foundation, Core Data, SpriteKit, MapKit, and Cocopods make him the go to guy for mobile development.




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In addition to our dedicated and talented team of consultants, we also partner with other great companies to make sure you receive the best possible product and service.

Nocturne Software, LLC

Our friends over at Nocturne bring over 10 years of experience with managaing and executing the entire Software Development Life Cycle. They are also a great resource for Scrum and Kanban. Technical specialties include Xamarin, Azure and hardware protypes using the .NET Micro Framework as well as Raspberry Pi.